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5 let it all come down and then some for you

i don't need permission, i make my own decisions [21 Jan 2005|06:55pm]
[ mood | sore ]

suggestions ; suggestions ; suggestions expecting snow this weekend. i need something to do. i'm re-doing my room. the colors i'm working with are pink & shimmery gold. i have some ideas and i have all the bedding and junk, but i need something fuNkY & cRaZy. i thought of writing lyrics throughout my one wall from left to right, but it's going to be difficult finding a song i like and good enough to keep on my wall. please send me songs!! i just need some help.


Stolen 7 Deadly Sins Survery from HollyCollapse )

4 let it all come down and then some for you

got me do silly things when it comes to you [19 Jan 2005|09:46pm]
[ mood | calm ]

sorry x a million. i haven't updated lately because cheerleading started. my day now consists of food, sleep, and cheerleading. i have practice everyday until atleast 6, atleast two basketball games a week, and every weekend i either have one or two competitions. life life life ill post pictures soon.

friday - i slept over kellys. we went to bed around 10:30. woke up at 12 for a strange reason, and then woke up at 5:45 and got to lenape by 6:30-7. we had our second competition saturday and we got third. boo, whores.

saturday night rick drove me to megan's and i slept there and we woke up around 7 got our hair done and got to lenape by like 8:30 i think. our hair takes forever to do, i could seriously sleep longer. we got yelled at for saturdays competition and did extra conditioning. my abs are getting more toned from all the sit ups we do. then all day sunday we had a competition at widener and got fiiiiiiiiiiirrrrrrrrrrrrrrssssssssssst =] i love my team and all our nicknames.

sunday night i went to ryan's and finished up rank's new green hair with reen then we went to little's got cRaZy and i slept over new girl's again. monday we had off for my main man mlk's bday and i did absolutely nothing but sleep.

this week is going by so slow even though we had monday off.  it snowed today. practice and tnt was cancelled so rick picked me up from school :o) midterms suck. argh

we have our qualifier this weekend for myrtle beach. i'm excited! that bitch from MADE will be there again. I hate her. I've seen her the past 2 weekends and I really do not giving a flying shit about her. i hope she breaks her leg.

7 let it all come down and then some for you

i miss someone maybe she's not a crazy girl like you [26 Dec 2004|04:47pm]
[ mood | crazy ]

iii gootttt =P of course clothes, jeans with cool belts, earrings, tiffanys things, makeup, makeup, and more makeup, a jacket, stuff for my digital camera, cds & dvds, a purse, and.. the love of my lifeCollapse )

14 let it all come down and then some for you

he caught me by surprise [23 Dec 2004|06:00pm]
[ mood | creative ]

christmas cards got me into the picture moodCollapse )

12 let it all come down and then some for you

devine, devine, devine [22 Dec 2004|09:43pm]
[ mood | chipper ]

every year that i get older christmas gets less and less
exciting. there's no more countdowns, chocolate covered pretzels,
hiding and wrapping presents, and even to: julia - love : santa
haha gotta love those childhood memories.

christmas is in three days though. i like christmas eve better
though. i caught my mom on the other day. wink
the only thing i REALLY want for xmas is this 3 piecemascara set.
i'm dying for it. if you know me, you know i have one serious obsession.

nothing too exciting has been going on. i've been to the mall
almost every day this week. today i finished my christmas shopping
and got myself an outfit for xmas eve.
last friday we had our first game and yesterday we played against
Pennsauken. I should have worn my "I dated John Whittenberger"
T-Shirt. Haha. He got beat up last year by Pennsauken, they sent his
white ass to the hospital. FYI I need to go to a party soon. I don't
know why, I just do. I passed my driver's test with a 44/50, go me!
I was supposed to see Wicked yesterday. I hate when
plan's fall through.

Friends, friends, friends =]
Winter Break starts tomorrow. I'm going out to lunch with
best friends. Christine is home for good now. No more North
Carolina. i'll update soon --- comment if your a cutie

2 let it all come down and then some for you

expecting nothing in return except [13 Dec 2004|08:49pm]
[ mood | hungry ]

"im a complete dumbass x10. i wanted to just drive around the nighborhood and that was it so i pulled the car out of the garage and pulled ouf of my driveway. there was like mail on top of the car for somereason and it was blowing everywhere. so i stopped the car and got out and picked it up..and when i tried to get back in the fucking doors weere locked. started freaking out, and all of a sudden my nighbor pulled into his drive way and i begged him to help me.. i had 2 of my neighbors out there trying to pry a coat hanger into the car to roll dowbn the window. to make matters worse, santa was riding down the street in the fireengine.. so my neighbor asked the fire dpt. if they had ne thing to break into a car. they sed no but the police prolly would. so we were like okay w/e and just kept trying.. all of a suden a fucking cop shows up and asks if its my vechine and hands me information to fill out.. at that exact moment my neighbor gets the window rolled down. if it had been like 2 minutes later i wouldve been fucked bcause i only have my permit. im the luckiest person alive. funniest story ever

"i got home at like 7..then went to jswos house! it was funnnnnnnnnnn. sam kait twins and jul were thur. we watched a lota diff movies, and rick chris mike and katie stopped by!!!!!!! i havent seen rick in years. i <3 like 1115 some one rang the doorbell and ran away. we got scared and then we ran out sdie to see who it was , and someone with a white paper bag over their head and awhite sheet ajnd a glowing sword comes running toward us. we screamed and ran inside. haha then we figured out it was BRIAN JENKINS, KEVIN WUJIK AND DREW ENDICOTT when they drove by like 4 times. nice try boys....but were not beliveing you were at the movieeess ...i love friends :-) talk about being scared. i don't think i have ever ran faster in my life haha

i stole this entry from megan haha. let me just remind you after this happened she called me and i almost peed my pants. this story is almost perfect haha. and then the bottom part that happened at my house just cracked me up too. it shows you how messed up our friends are. that was my weekend

I went to the mall with Rick today. Kind of reminds me of before. Still deciding on that one.

4 let it all come down and then some for you

you stumbled around for a good ten minutes [08 Dec 2004|08:00pm]
[ mood | artistic ]

                              i guess there's just a part of me
                                that likes to bring you down
                                   just to keep you around 
                                  cause the day you realize
                                     how amazing you are 
                                   you're gonna leave me

                            the past has come back to haunt me.

2 let it all come down and then some for you

[02 Dec 2004|09:46pm]
[ mood | accomplished ]

i actually feel good coming home from a night of cheerleading.
this was one of the most productive practices we've had all year.
thank god people are taking it seriously now. <33

and then some for you

[02 Dec 2004|04:57pm]
too much has happened.
life can get pretty messy

and then some for you

[18 Nov 2004|07:03pm]
  • i wish i hadn't fallen for a liar
  • my homecoming is saturday

my mom told me she's not going and that

my dad has to take the pictures.

it will be all moms and my dad. always alone

..what did i do?

  • fiiivee days

and then some for you

and all you'd ever hear me say is how i picture me with you [17 Nov 2004|08:50pm]
[ mood | pissed off ]

how come I never hear you say
    i just wanna be with you
i guess you never felt that way

but since you've been gone
     i'm so movin on

it's only wednesday, and i'm a mess.

"just because you don't care, doesn't mean i don't".. have you ever told someone you hated them, and not meant it? i lost a best friend, but he lost nothing. but i've finally put that behind me. as soon as i got my "life" back in order, my school life goes downhill. my grades. i can't concentrate.

friday ; making pep rally shirts with my best friends, and then Kelsey & Ali's Sweet 16, sleepover.

saturday ; cheer camp at 7:30 a.m then homecoming. The girl in the dress has everything but a smile. 

My cheer friends are starting to become enemies. Everyone aggravates me, up to the point where I scream and throw things, sorry guys.



hey you, five more days, please save me.

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